Auntie Ev says: HELLO!

Auntie Ev Cover

Babysitter Auntie Ev takes her four kitten friends to the playground in “Auntie Ev’s Kitty Romp,”  a fun board book for the youngest of book lovers.

First in the series of four Auntie Ev adventures,  “Auntie Ev’s Kitty Romp”shows the kittens, Trixie,  Ziggy,  Dotty, and Skip hopscotching,  jumping rope, having a picnic and an awesome afternoon with their best babysitter friend,     Auntie Ev.

“Auntie Ev’s Kitty Romp”  earns prestigious MOMS CHOICE AWARD!


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  Available soon        “Auntie Ev’s Puppy Parade” 

Kitty Romp available for sale at:     Village Pharmacy in Springhouse PA.                                                                                   (Also available to check out at the                                                                                             Upper Dublin Public Library.)


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